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Jenn & Kyle’s Downtown London E-Session – London Ontario Wedding Photography – One-12 Photography

Kyle was quite shy in front of the camera… Or should I say who is not a huge fan of being photographed. I come across this on a daily basis! Most guys prefer not to be photographed. I like to ensure them that my friendly, easy-going demeanor will make it a quick and painless process!

I like to think I somewhat won him over?! Lol. This stunning couple will be getting married New Year’s 2015! I’m so excited to ring in the new year with these two!


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Baby Chase – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

Welcome the Mr. Handsome Chase!!

This beautiful little boy belongs to close friends of ours. He was also welcomed by two wonderful big sisters, and is probably one of the cutest babies I’ve seen since my own. It took all my will to not snatch him up and take him home with me! 😉


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Baby Ava – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

This beautiful little girl gave me a run for my money! Just like her big brother did a couple years ago!

Sometimes sessions are a little bit more difficult than others, but that does not change my passion and dedication to make sure the parents get fantastic photos. I feel like I have all the patience in the world and my parents are in the best hands possible 🙂


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Lisa & Family – London Ontario Family Photography – One-12 Photography

This shoot will go down in history as one of my favorite family shoots of all time!

Many of these props for rented from the Found Decor Company in St. Thomas, combined with family antiques, and custom-made tutu dresses. We loaded up two trucks and set up shop in our location!

Mom and Dad were just as creative as I am and allowed me to soar with my imagination. This is my ideal kind of family shoot! One where art takes over. In the next couple years my plans are to really zone in on this market. It’s my absolute favorite!



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James & Family – London Ontario Family Photography – One-12 Photography

Look at this little muffin! I just want to eat him up! I absolutely love photographing families. I truly feel it so important to take time out of your busy schedule to celebrate what means most to you. We get so caught up in our day-to-day tasks that we don’t stop and think, “What will my children have to look at 20 years from now if there are no photographs of us?

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking the time to photograph your family!


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