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Baby Max – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

Mr. Max is a little brother to a beautiful little girl that I got the chance to photograph a couple years ago. Mom and Dad are absolutely fantastic and I was so humbled to be a part of this family’s adventure yet again.

Mr. Max was absolutely amazing in the studio… His big sister took some coaxing to get into a couple of the photos, but this does happen time to time. Toddlers can be very unpredictable and any parents coming in for a newborn shoot wanting to include an older sibling may need to be aware that it doesn’t always work out as planned! The good thing is the parents knew the priority was to focus on Mr. Max and he was absolutely amazing!


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Baby Lauren – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

This just so happens to be the second little girl that I have had the privilege to photograph of these lovely parents. She was over 10 pounds of pure love! Mommy was a fantastic client by pre-booking her newborn shoot to ensure that I could fit her in in the first 14 days 😉
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Victoria, Josh, and Lexi! – London Ontario Family Photography – One-12 Photography

With my sister, her husband, and their daughter Lexi living in Ottawa I don’t get to see them as often as I would love to. Everything changes when you have a little niece or nephew… They become just as important as your own. I had to snake the opportunity to photograph their beautiful family when they were here visiting us. Miss Lexi is going to grow up knowing that Auntie will always have a camera in her face 🙂


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Marcie & Family – London Ontario Family Photography – One-12 Photography

I absolutely love it when large family groups make spending time together a priority by celebrating themselves through timeless photographs. I felt like this was a Banting reunion as I went to high school with some of these wonderful people.  They also happen to be cousins of a past bride. Everyone was so fun to work with and went along with my crazy shenanigans!


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Lilly’s 1st Year – London Ontario Children’s Photography – One-12 Photography

I am always so surprised when my little ones come back for their first your portraits! Not because I didn’t think I would see them again, but because I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast! I am absolutely honored that my clients continue to come back and see me during these big milestones in their children’s lives.
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