Newborn Pricing

One of my passions is newborn photography.
The sheer joy I get from working with a someone so new into this big bright amazing world is full of wonder.
That passion and joy shows in every photo I take of your newborn.

$595.00 plus HST

A USB with 20 edited images chosen by the parent(s)
The Parent(s) have full printing rights (please see photographer for printing lab suggestions)
15 birth announcement cards designed by the photographer – only one change allowed please
The option is available to purchase extra files at $25.00 per file OR 5 extra files for $100.00 plus HST

Newborn session details:

I like to photograph newborns around days 5-14 after birth, so if we can schedule for then in my studio that will work best! I suggest pre booking the shoot for approximately 5-8 days after your scheduled due date and we can rebook if baby does not appear on time. We will be doing all sleepy shots in their birthday suit for your newborn session. Make sure your newborn has a VERY FULL belly before you leave to come to the studio. The full belly is to ensure that once you get to my studio we can start right away with posing. If you can keep your newborn up for 30-60 minutes before coming that would help to make them a little sleepier for the session. When you arrive to the studio leave your newborn in their car seat and I will be in charge when you come in. Mommies sit in the back of the studio during the session so that we can keep the newborn peaceful. Sometimes if they smell or hear you that can make them restless and harder to pose. It’s amazing how newborns work and their drive to eat!! If your newborn needs to feed during the session, you will be provided privacy for nursing, or if you bring a bottle then I can feed your newborn. I prefer to have a bottle, but if you are only nursing then we can take time out for that. Also please bring a soother for soothing. The studio is set to 30 degrees so make sure and dress light. If you get too warm in the studio, feel free to step out the side of the house to cool off! Again, your newborn needs to have a FULL belly before coming to the studio. I’m VERY good with newborns, so you will get a nice little break to relax. The session will take 3-4 hours, so please bring snacks, beverages, reading material to pass the time.

  • Please also feel free bring along any personal items you may want included in your newborn shoot, for example stuffed animals for objects passed down through family members.
  • If requested I am willing to set aside the last 20 minutes of the session to photograph the newborn with parents and any siblings. Please not it is not suggested to bring young siblings to the full shoot as they get very restless and this can be very disturbing to the newborn as well as myself. I suggest bringing the sibling for the last half an hour of the shoot. Solid dark colors are suggested for clothing.
  • Images take approximately 3-4 weeks to be processed after the final selection of images is made.

Studio location is (by appointment only):
538 Adelaide St N, Suite 221
London, Ontario

Newborn Pricing