Erinne and Jordan Tie the Knot – Wedding Photographer One-12 Photography – London Wedding Photographer Cynthia Bendle

They met at Fellini Koolini’s. He came in for lunch, dinner, and dinner again the next day just to see her. She wondered if he had food at home. So he asked her out and this beautiful couple just knew.

This wedding was so classy. I just love a good first look…. all the pressure gone, that first moment for just the couple and no one else, pics all done and immediately following the wedding they get to party with their friends and family. The Art Museum was the perfect place to say I do…. and North Moore Catering was no disappointment when it came to amazing food all night. The wonderful owner of the River Room Jess Jazey was kind enough to let us borrow her empty restaurant so I could place the couple by the window with my video light, run out the door and shoot from across the street at the court house so capture one of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever shot.

Thank you Erinne and Jordan for picking me to capture the love.




Diane and Jason say I do – London Wedding Photographer One-12 Photography – Wedding photography London Ontario

Di and Jason,

This lovely couple is family of one of my dearest friends who was a past bride. This whole family is like my family now. Di spent a lot of time making sure all the little things had big details and it sure paid off. From the decorations on the bottom of her shoes to the wedding date embroidered on the lining of her dress this wedding was nothing short of beautiful. This lovely couple moved into their new home just months before the wedding and somehow they managed to pull off a fantastic day! I wish the both of you only the best in the years to come and thank you for sharing such a wonderful day with me.