Baby Taylor & Baby Brooke – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

It was a blast having Taylor and Brooke in the studio 🙂 They looked absolutely perfect in every tutu, head-peice, dress, and wrap I put them in!

I often get asked when someone is inquiring about a newborn shoot if twins cost extra? The answer is – absolutely not!

I get all warm and fuzzy just at the thought of getting to cuddle not one, but two beautiful brand-new babies! Yes, I know I need double the patience, which is why I usually will have an assistant on hand, and the session’s time will go closer to the five hour mark. However, patience is a virtue, and I have tons of it! Bring on the twins, bring on the multiples! I love my job!


Tammy & Rudy Trash That Dress! – London Ontario Wedding Photography – One-12 Photography

Can we say hot-hot-hot??! This couple just has beauty dripping from their skin!

I love how easy-going Tammy and Rudy were when it came to planning their Trash That Dress session in the winter snow. Neither of them complained a single bit with temperatures that dropped well below zero… Sparkles flew and passion embraced this beautiful couple. I absolutely loved this session!


Baby Reed – London Ontario Newborn Photography – One-12 Photography

This beautiful little boy was the third child welcomed to this equally beautiful family! Reed is just as perfect as his two older sisters, and has the most adorable little chubby cheeks!

He was absolutely refreshing to have in the studio. He came in extremely sleepy and was super easy to pose!

**Tip for Parents: The best way to make sure your baby is also ‘extremely sleepy and super easy to pose’ is to make sure he or she has a super full belly prior to your newborn session! If possible, also keep your baby awake for 30-60 minutes prior to the session. The more sleepy the baby the better!