Ashley V & Family – London Ontario Family Photography – One-12 Photography

It’s never too late to photograph your perfect family!

There is always going to be something that can get in the way of setting aside a couple of hours to have family photos done, but I can’t stress enough the importance of putting your family first!! These are memories that your children will look at when we are gone. These are the memories that our grandchildren will look at when we are gone.

Thank you so much to this beautiful family for making this a priority and allowing me to share the experience with them!


**Tip for Parents: During a family session, it’s easy for any parent to get stressed out. Who doesn’t want their kids to sit and behave and smile for their photos?! But it’s important to take the time to enjoy the experience yourself. As the photographer, I pull out every trick I can think of when working with kids, and do everything I can to make our time together enjoyable for everyone! Just remember, take a deep breath and have some fun – let me work on the smiles 🙂