Brooks & Lori’s Scotland “I Do!” at Comlongon Castle – London Ontario Wedding Photographer – One-12 Photography

When the opportunity came up to fly to Scotland to photograph a very small wedding in a castle, how could I say no?! This happened to be wedding number 39 for my 2014 season, and I was going out with a bang!

Though I only really got to see Scotland for a day, I know that I will be going back someday. It was a beautiful love story, captured with a real owl named Molly. Molly flew the rings in and immediately exited the room. We were lucky enough to have her stay behind, and I got one of the best shots I’ve ever taken in my career. Just as I clicked the button she flew just over my head, with her wings perfectly spread in front of the couple, who were kissing.

The best part about it, is the groom had a video camera rolling the whole time so you can see me in action!


I often get asked if I do destination weddings and absolutely yes! Everyone has a unique situation they just need to give me lots of notice and we can work out the details 🙂