Heather & Greg Say “I Do!” – London Ontario Wedding Photography – One-12 Photography

Heather and Greg are the kind of couple that I would love to be able to have dinner and wine with every night of the week! Their laughter is contagious and you can just tell that they become friends with everyone they meet.

This wedding truly captured the meaning of love in every way, and the couple really took the time to enjoy the whole process throughout the day! It was an absolute pleasure to work with both Heather and Greg, they allowed me to be creative in any way that I felt fit them as a couple.

I can guarantee there will be many dinners in my future with this fantastic duo! And thank you to Elsie Perron for providing a perfect backdrop to this love story!


**Tip for Couples: Are you unsure about how long to schedule for photography on your wedding day? Do not hesitate to consult your photographer! They will be happy to help you to ensure you have just the right amount of time to make sure all of the most important moments of your day will be covered.