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They met in high school, she was in 10th grade and he was in the 12th…. the older guy. They became great friends and within a year they just knew. Flirting over basketball games and tournaments they couldn’t resist each other.

The first date took place on a hot July night, Kate suggested to Curt that he come and take a dip in her pool… much to her surprise he jumped on the invitation and was over within minutes! They spent the night playing basketball in the pool and her dad made us virgin strawberry daiquiris.

Moving forward Kurt was doing his undergrad at Laurie in Waterloo and Kate was working towards her B.A here at UWO, they knew that they would be together forever when they made it through a four year long distance relationship.

Here is the engagement story in the couple’s words:

  • The night before we were engaged we went to dinner at the golf course (where we are getting married) with some friends. I was surprised that my dad wanted to come too. Kurt had gotten the call to pick up my ring the next day and he had called my dad to tell him. At dinner he kept squeezing my leg and smiling at me excitedly. I didn’t understand why he acting to giddy!
  • I left to go to work early Friday morning, excited  to get through the day and for our weekend plans to go to Frankenmuth to get started. Kurt told me he was going golfing and to run some errands during his happy Friday. Usually I would finish work and arrive home around 430, however, I had finished work and decided to head home a little bit early for the long weekend. When I pulled into the parking lot by our house I noticed Kurt was standing by the car, I thought he looked a little uncomfortable and surprised to see me. He walked over to my car and I asked him about his day, he was kind of avoiding my questions, and I just remember thinking, “why is he acting so weird! I hope nothing happened to my Boots” (my cat). I turned to lock my car and when I turned back around Kurt was on his knee and he asked me to marry him! I was freaking out and yelling, I don’t even think I said yes until he asked me a few more times. It turns out he had driven to London to pick up my ring and when I came home early, I caught him arriving home. I caught him off guard and made him so nervous with my questions that he decided to purpose right there and abandon his romantic plans to do it inside our house. He had not even had time to chill the champagne! We spent the rest of the night celebrating with family and friends then enjoyed a romantic weekend in Frankenmuth.

This is going to be one amazing wedding!!!!!!