Katie & Neil Say “I Do!” At the Elmhurst Inn – London Ontario Wedding Photography – One-12 Photography

The Elmhurst Inn is one of those fantastic places every couple should really take a look at when they are determining where they are looking to have their wedding. This old, rustic, intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for Katie and Neil, a loving couple that had been together for more than ten years!

They were both quiet and shy, but allowed me in their space and allowed me to capture the beauty of their love and laughter!

Katie and Neil, I know you live miles away, but please never lose touch! I absolutely adore you both 🙂


**Tip for Couples: Take the time beforehand to really think about what moments on your wedding day are the most important for you to have captured by your photographer, and talk it over with them so they can help ensure each of these moments are covered for you! When you are looking back on your wedding photos, you don’t want to think, “I really wish we had a photo of…!”