Lindsay and Paul E-Session – wedding photography london ontario – london wedding photographer Cynthia Bendle from One-12 Photography

I was so excited when Lindsay booked me for her upcoming wedding in 2013. I had been watching her facebook status’s over the last couple of months…. I could tell she had found the one and it was just a matter of time before I got the call. This lovely couple was so down to earth. I kept it simple. A few outfit changes, a broken down barn, some cowboy boots and passion. We spent well over two hours rocking the shoot. This is one of my favourite sessions ever. I can’t wait for the big day!

This lovely couple met each other through a slopitch team. Linds had been playing on the team for a while but one of the girls brought Paul out to the first practice …. linds was committed at the time but remembers going out for drinks with the team and texting the girl who brought Paul out “thanks of bringing some eye candy to the team”!

The fell in love immediately! Paul was the first to say I love you followed by the conversation with the dad, asking permission to take his daughters hand in marriage, and the next is history!