Our Life – The big news – London Photographer Cynthia Bendle photographs newborns and is now expecting one herself – www.one12photo.ca

So hunny I was thinking that maybe…………………………..



Well………… I guess there is never a “right” time to do this. I am turing 34 next year, my career as a photographer has taken off and I am so blessed. I have a full wedding season to book next year but I know I can have it all. I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I am strong, passionate, determined and I have so much love to give.



Are you serious?????????????????? OMG!!!!!!!!!! What do we do now! REALLY?????????????????????????????? This is a life changing decision!!!!!!!!




Yup! I am shaking, I can’t breathe and I am trying not to ugly cry. It’s Fathers Day 2012 and I have the best present in the world for you!




I am so excited for our future! We can have it all! Good things happen to good people!


And this is how I told Colin we are expecting! 8 am the morning of fathers day I came down stairs with this shirt on. My red hoodie was zipped tight. I passed him a bbq set from Zoee and Zero which was engraved with #1 DAD. I then passed him a Fathers Survival Guide Book and a t-shirt. I started to cry as I unzipped my sweater to reveal the best gift on earth,,,,, we were expecting our first child together.

And of course he is so proud to wear his new shirt!!!!!!!

And how cool is it to be called DAD.


Last Thursday we got to hear the heart beat for the first time, It was one of the best moments of my life. And this morning we got to see him/her. The baby was quite sleepy and decided to curl up… face down as we got to gush over the beautiful child we have made together.


And of course our two fur babies are proud big sisters. We soon will become a family of 5. Baby Dombroski is due to enter the world in February 2013. Colin and I could not be happier. I will be taking two weeks off in February however I will still be booking a full wedding season. First off I love my job, I love my clients and being self employed you do not have the option to take a year off…. lol. I know I can have it all. I already do.


Much love the Bendle-Dombroski Family.