Steph and Jason E-Session – One-12 Photography and wedding photograph in London and area

Steph was good friends with Jason’s niece who lived in the apartment above Jason. Having met a couple times they really never spoke to each other. Along came the opportunity for both of them to gather at a cottage and they ended up talking for hours and have been inseparable ever since that weekend!

On their first date Jason drove them to Sparta Raceway and bought them hot dots with cokes and they watched some of his friends race… and her heart was racing at the same time. Right from the beginning they felt the connection… like they have known each other for eternity.

So along comes the proposal. Of course Jason asked Steph’s dad. It happened on his way home from work… and with a yes from the Boss the ring was purchased the very next day. He originally planned to wait until Christmas however he just couldn’t keep his love a secret anymore and popped the question that night in the kitchen! They celebrated with champagne and that night just happened to be the first snowfall of that year.

They are fantastic parents to a beautiful baby girl named Brooklynne. They are each other best friends. They are soul mates.